Dr Ursula Mazur offers a range of high-quality psychological assessments within and outside of the court arena. She is expert in offering assessments to adolescents and adults with Intellectual or Learning Disability or suspected Cognitive or Learning Difficulties.


Dr Mazur has extensive experience of undertaking cognitive and capacity assessments in a medicolegal context. She has prepared reports for the Court of Protection and the Family Courts.


Dr Mazur has a sophisticated knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act and remains up to date with developments in case law. She is able to offer high quality assessments including cognitive assessments, risk assessments, and formal assessments of mental capacity across a range of decisions especially in the context of complex communication needs.



Medicolegal Assessments

Cognitive and Capacity Assessments

Dr Mazur offers the following assessments:


  • Psychometric assessment to establish a person’s overall intellectual functioning and memory abilities
  • Assessment of capacity to consent to sexual or intimate relationships
  • Assessment of capacity to litigate
  • Assessment of capacity to manage financial affairs
  • Assessment of capacity to make decisions about residence and care


Dr Mazur also offers comprehensive Autism assessments to both children and adults.  She is trained in a number of different assessment tools and is a licensed Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders (DISCO) user.  She is skilled in differential diagnosis as a result of her many years of experience.


Dr Mazur’s holistic reports include a clear formulation and recommendations.

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